Derek simply.

Derek simply is a freelance graphic shop, utilizing in web design, logo branding, illustration, and architectural drawings.


Derek Wendt disliked purchasing greeting cards so he simply created one for his niece's eighth birthday in July 2012.


Two months later, Derek brought his talents to Minneapolis, Minnesota to gain a new network in a renowned creative market.  Missing his family and friends back home in Michigan, he created more birthday cards to connect with them.  Cards itself became a brand.  The style was clean, aesthetic, complex, and ... simple.


Derek simply's style was picked up for logo branding and web design.


It will continue to grow, with children's illustration book and animation short in near future.


Derek is a Master of Architecture graduate from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He interned in Chicago and at Walt Disney World Resort, and studied abroad in Italy.  Check out the rest of his work at

Why the name?!

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